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Pharmacy Spirits first E.P.
Four songs plus a hidden track

1. Pharmacy Spirits
2. Excuse Me Lady
3. Can't Say No
4. American Roulette
5. Theme Song


released January 1, 2007

Words: James Reilly
Music: James Reilly, James Ian Pelter, Courtney Noir
Performed by: James Reilly, Courtney Noir

Recorded by: Geg in his basement as a demo solely for the purpose having something to sell at a Lawrence KS show in 2007 with Eagle*Seagull & Flaming Fire.

Currently out of print. This is the only place you can get these songs. So git' em, son.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


PHARMACY SPIRITS Lincoln, Nebraska

Since 2007, Pharmacy Spirits have been lincoln's premier "NO-COAST-YES-WAVE" band.

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Track Name: Pharmacy Spirits
I see you dancing in the dream
Let me wake up, let me wake up
I bet your asking what that means
Well, just ask me and I'll tell you

I've finished letting go
Now your nothing, less than nothing
No more do I tell or do I show
Straightened faces, Keep it secret
I see you drinking on the scene
Skirts and makeup, skirts and makeup
All the girls so envy green
Don't wanna see it, wanna be it
And now you're just as sick as me
No one tells you, can't be bothered
Men see you lonely and in need
And they want you, so they take you

I'll speak quite clearly now
I'm a pharmacy spirits now

This town has different degrees
Sometimes it hot here, you could rot here
Other times you're sure to freeze
No more movement, now that's improvement
It's like living in that dream
Your minds awake but your body doesn't know it
Your energy's an empty scream
You're going crazy but your body doesn't show it

I've cleaned my spills of wounded words
Now it's clean here, so much cleaner
Our lives still move just like a dirge
Something's wrong here
So safe when somber
I just sink when fashion drowns
I'm always taller, I'll blame the water
I can't blame that violent sound
Can't find the heart so I'm bound to dance away now
Track Name: Excuse Me Lady
Excuse me lady if I fall away
I'm having trouble just standing these days
Follow rabbits through every crazy maze
I find a seat at the table it's with strangers that pray

Excuse me baby if I fade away
It happens more than I care to say
Don't ever worry cuz it is just my way
Of staying sick throughout these endless days
...these endless days

Wasting away, wasting away, wasting away.
Track Name: Can't Say No
Don't ask me please, you know I can't say no.
It's a strange disease, you know it won't let go.
Track Name: American Roulette
They say these hip kids want the cure
Something tells me they're not sure
By any means they'll meet the ends
"just shootin' vitamins"

When you're sick to think
Just look above the sink
Another Lincoln son has set
We were too late to grab it

Check the register
It's more than money sure
American roulette the thrill
Who will be the next to be killed?
Track Name: Theme Song