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Pharmacy Spirits first full-length.


released March 28, 2010



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


PHARMACY SPIRITS Lincoln, Nebraska

Since 2007, Pharmacy Spirits have been lincoln's premier "NO-COAST-YES-WAVE" band.

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Track Name: Books
How do you do?
Where do you work?
Have you read the news?
God's no longer cute.

Do look into books.
They're warm and welcoming.
A million things to cook.
When no one's watching!
Track Name: Don't Believe In Ghosts
There's a car outside and its ready to go
There's a time in your life when you give up your fortune
There'a a book on a shelf in a prison cell
Bout' a stain on a mattress in a Denver motel - Oh no!
There's a place in France where the president dances
There's a hole in his soul. He can't feel at all..a fucking thing.

Except BOOM!

You know me, I know you know me.
So you can't tell me you don't believe in ghosts
Track Name: Newer Than The World
There is so much that's on your plate
You take it all, I know that's great
You were never meant to make the love
The would ruin the world

A memory's a useless thing
With all the feeling that it brings
You feel your feet begin to sink
And feel the ocean, it's rushing...

And you were newer than the world

Counting down, my eyes are closed
No longer wearing women's clothes
It's not so bad, baby suppose...
Now what's the point of growing up

And you can hide from friendly fire
When you are low and they are high
Still it's nice to see the people
Who brought you to your knees...

And see them
And greet them
And tell them you have changed

The white flag it is raised-Hooray!
Track Name: Under The Same Light
We were like family
God it's getting cold
You couldn't stand me
We stood under the same light
We looked into the same sky

And all this attraction
God it's getting old
It's just a distraction
Baby, baby be selfless
You put the self in selfless
God it's getting old
Track Name: Love Never Fails...Psych!
Love never fails
Block parties are grey
Garden parties are great
It's the passion of the antibody
Track Name: Tacoma-Dome Girls
Bottom Feeder
Track Name: Safety Now
I broke my back on a tightrope
Wherever I go, I vote for "O" because I'm poor
We tend to argue the meaning of a zombie-walk
On the spot I refused to tip you

You like my band and I like yours too
That's how we do because we're cool
You lost your heart on the dance-floor
A stalkers note at your back door

Safety now
The fence has been replace
Feels so much better
Now you cannot see my face
Only time will tell how well it stands
Can it brace itself?
Track Name: Just Like Charles
You walk across the desk
And take a long, warm look around
No one's next to you

The moments now
A playtime walk-on
This body is not mine

"You're such a gentleman
You're so, so charming
You're just like Charles
How'd I let you in?"

This body is not mine